We provide marketing services including but not limited to:


  • Social Media Management

  • Influencer / KOL Marketing

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Online Advertisements

Social Media Management

"To build a brand, you need social-media engagement. It’s not just about the number of followers. It’s about content, trust, interest, and engagement."

​Social Media Campaigns

We specialized in creating content for all kinds of marketing campaigns and activities, for example, singing contests, new product launches, to increase customers' awareness and interest in the company with social media platforms, especially on Instagram.

​Influencerer /  KOL Marketing

Apart from experienced marketing talents, our team also includes bright, innovative youngsters who provide valuable insight into the latest trends in the young market. 


We are the young, and by reaching us, you will have reached the young.

Online Advertisment

Utilizing the digital analysis tools to monitor the social media performance in marketing, to track the conversions of campaigns, and to develop an effective online advertising strategy for our clients.



 the budget on ads to their targeted audiences with the use of Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics Optimising













We believe digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to conduct measurable marketing campaigns compared to traditional marketing, especially for SMEs. One of the challenges of small businesses constantly struggling is that they can hardly earn engagement in the market. In the digital world, it is so powerful that it can provide endless business. Fluxus Productions have the insight of the youths so that we keep a close eye on the latest digital marketing trends. opportunities and allow you to connect in ways you can never imagine.


The youth, influenced heavily by their peers, are against active selling; instead, they are after visual impact, thrill, and bodily experience. With a team of young consultants, we provide effective marketing solutions in such a rapidly evolving market. 

Fluxus Productions Ltd. provides a one-stop solutions package that combines marketing with media content creation such as photos, videos, animations, and designs. 


Our packages :

Our standard package comes with 8, 12, or 16 social media posts.


Package 1 ~ $ 12,000 for 8 posts

Package 2 ~ $ 16,000 for 12 posts

Package 3 ~ $ 20,000 for 16 posts


Add-On Services

1. Event Management​

We would launch social media campaigns like giveaways and promotion activities. To target suitable consumers using our database analysis. Profile design, Planning, and Contact services are covered.

Management fee $ 2,000

2. Video Marketing (Monthly)

Package 1 (Informational)

~ $ 15,000 for 3 videos (30s each)

Package 2 (Interview & Testimonial)

~ $ 20,000 for 1 video (2 mins)

81% of businesses are already using videos as key marketing tools.


Video content, in all forms, is the prime way for any business to optimize reach and engagement on social media. Consequently, video production is in high demand across all markets.


Our professional in-house video production team can help you manage this aspect seamlessly from start to finish. We have specialists in all stages of video production from conceptualization to post-production.


Be it short clips for social media or event highlight videos, our team covers the production of videos in different formats and purposes.

Package 3 (Ads / Product Introduction)

~ $ 30,000 - $ 50,000 (40s - 90s)

Our student connections are extremely broad, spanning all universities and colleges in Hong Kong.


We can reach 110,000 students

in 560 student organizations


Reach and engagement numbers are important metrics, yet a campaign's success in the young market is often related to unquantifiable feelings and impressions. 

We tailor-make every single campaign through close communication with our clients to best connect them with young people. 

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