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We are a professional production studio in Hong Kong that offers 2D and 3D animation, modelling, special effects, and green screen production services alongside our photo and video production services. Our clients include major multinational corporations such as HSBC, Brother, Schindler Group, Swatch, and Fujifilm. We often produce advertisements, infographics, product demonstrations, and promotional videos with the support of 2D and 3D animation and computer effects for our clients in Hong Kong and abroad. 

Whether you are looking for futuristic sci-fi CGI or animated cartoons, we as a professional animation production studio in Hong Kong have you covered for producing advertisements, promotional videos, and corporate videos using 2D or 3D animation.

2D and 3D animation production in videos are great tools to enhance visual communication to audiences. Not everything could be shot on camera, and not everything is best shot on camera. Hence, we regularly use both 2D and 3D graphics and animation on our video productions in Hong Kong to compliment footage shot on camera, or even produce pure animation videos depending on the needs of our clients.


Typically, it is more effective to use graphics and animation for the presentation of statistics, complex systems, and cross sections; these are aspects that may be confusing or outright impossible to shoot on camera. To fulfill our clients’ requirements, we can create high-quality 2D and 3D models from scratch, or utilize existing model files of products, machinery, buildings etc. provided by our clients. With these assets, we can then animate and produce videos for all our local Hong Kong and international clients in our production studio.


Animation is most frequently used to promote products and services for our clients. In marketing and advertising, animations of internal cross-sections and special effects are interesting and eye-catching for the general public. Many agencies and marketing teams that we work with use it as a method of winning over competitors by capturing their audiences’ attention with lively animations alongside camera-shot samples of real life use cases.

Animation is a creative tool which our creative and production teams pick according to the requirements of our clients in Hong Kong or abroad. We often use special effects, CGI, and green screens to combine imagery from camera-shot footage to create far more eye-catching and illustrative videos.

We offer one-stop animation video production services in Hong Kong which covers all 3 stages of video making: Pre-production, production, and post-production. This ensures that your video is professionally crafted all the way from conceptualization to final delivery. Our creative and animation team is based off our 3,000 sq. ft. production studio in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong  Whether the video produced is purely animation or mixed with real-life footage, we are sure to plan and coordinate adequately with our in-house studio production staff to ensure that animation in your video production truly elevates the visual experience of your audiences.


We begin at pre-production – the planning stage to decide whether animation is the appropriate creative tool to utilize in your video production. This is when ideas are developed and proposed through scripts, concept art, storyboards, and moodboards. We make good use of references to communicate with our clients and establish exactly what they hope to achieve in their project.


Then we move on to production - 3D modelling, texturing, lighting effects, and 2D drawings. It is here that we establish and animate all the visual elements that will be in the video with professional-grade studio animation production software that are also used to make Hollywood movies and triple A game titles.


Finally, we move to post-production - Sound design, color correction, and output. Here we give the video its audio elements and make final touches to the overall look.


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