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Fluxus Productions is a professional photo and video production house in Hong Kong that provides multi camera internet live streaming and multi microphone audio streaming services for concerts, performances, press releases, and events.

Live Streaming in Hong Kong

With COVID-19, the market for concerts, performances, and events has drastically changed. Restrictions on gatherings have led to a significant rise in popularity for live streaming among the general public in Hong Kong. Many artists, news outlets, and companies live stream their performances or events, leading to increased recognition of live streaming as a daily source of media consumption by the public.

Instead of setting up public stages and performances like in the past, artists and brands have turned to starting live streaming events to promote themselves or their products that can be viewed anywhere, ending up reaching a far broader audience than they would have in a conventional physical event.

Hence, live streaming in Hong Kong has become increasingly prominent for those looking to interact with their audiences while delivering content and information, especially with celebrities and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). Audiences can interact with performers and ambassadors through the live stream, chatting with celebrities or discussing new product releases and generating engagements with audiences that will greatly promote artworks, products, and brands.

Live Streaming Possibilities For You

Sponsors and advertisers are becoming more and more aware of the potential that lies within events that engage so heavily with their audiences without any physical or geographical limitations, realizing the possibilities for publicity and promotion. Offering a professionally broadcasted live stream can greatly increase the reach of your event beyond the constraints of venue or stage size and increase your appeal to potential sponsors and advertisers considerably.

We offer professional live streaming services in Hong Kong to popular social media and meeting platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Skype, and Zoom with anywhere for concerts, performances, press releases, and events from 1 to 8 cameras plus professional stage audio. We use the latest audio, video, and computer equipment to ensure that we capture your event with excellent quality and reliability.

Our team not only includes experienced professional photographers, videographers, and sound engineers who capture the whole scene vividly and reliably, but also event organizers who consider the live stream production in the perspective of event organizers, they have organized events just like yours and together they plan out the coverage of your scene with our videomakers in detail to ensure the full atmosphere and experience of the performance can still be felt by audiences across the screen.

We coordinate closely with event managers from our clients in every single event to prepare vigorously for the broadcast to be as smooth and reliable as possible, planning out camera switches, stage arrangements, lighting, and audio capture in every part of your event so that all the most important highlights are perfectly presented on screen. We believe that effective communication and meticulous preparation are the keys to a successful and reliable broadcast.

Looking for a team to cover and broadcast your event? Contact us now for a free quote!

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