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To our delight, we have seen a rise in short film production projects from our clients in Hong Kong and abroad, which is a welcome sight for our crew who are passionate about filmmaking in Hong Kong and come from a background of film and television production. To us, such productions are always the most creative and enjoyable. 

Our team includes several award-winning and well-connected directors and filmmakers who have made themselves known among esteemed members of the film industry. They have received awards and grants for their filmmaking from filmmaking giants such as Mr. Louis Koo and are very experienced in short film production in Hong Kong.


Short film production, whether for audiences in Hong Kong or internationally, always starts from the conceptualization of a story to be told, whether commercially to promote a product or service, or creatively as a Hong Kong indie film production. This should be done meticulously as all later stages of production follow the initial ideas and directions set by close communication between our creative team and our clients. This is also where the initial budget is set and decisions on the scale and scope of our production is made according to the budgetary requirements.

Along with our clients, we decide the genre, direction, and of the film, whether we are to attract eyeballs with epic shots and action, or to entertain with comedy and laughter. For commercial short films aimed at promoting products and services with a short story, a cool and fast-paced style gives off a high-tech and professional impression, while a slower paced style fits a warm, homey atmosphere. In the Hong Kong market, comedic short film productions are also welcomed by audiences as a creative way to promote products and brand values. We have to carefully balance the many considerations that producing a short film in Hong Kong has, including actors, costs, locations, shooting hours, and any stunts and special effects. 




The key production workflows and production requirements for music videos in Hong Kong is quite similar to that of short films. The major difference between the two is that music videos usually feature simpler storylines for their relatively shorter length as well as flashy or unconventional aesthetics to go with the music.

Our production team consists of many who have plentiful experience in both music production and video production in Hong Kong. This allows us to understand musical theory and elements within a piece of music and design visuals that fit the desired visual feeling from our clients. 

We can handle everything from storyboarding, scriptwriting, talent sourcing, camera, lighting, art and props, editing, color grading, to CGI and special effects; providing a one-stop music video production service in Hong Kong.

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