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Integrating videos into your product, service, or event promotion campaigns is one of the most effective ways to boost engagement and stand out from the crowd of competing advertisers promoting on the same platform. 

We have produced anything from product showcases, interviews, endorsements, microfilms, short dramas, abstract films, to call-to-action videos - there is a lot of room for creativity and customization in the field of promotional videos depending on the desired promotional effect to push product launches, upcoming events, limited-time discounts and more into the eyes of the public. 



Thanks to the emergence of social media platforms, the cost of marketing has been greatly reduced from the era of TV advertising and street billboards, lowering the barriers to mass promotion and allowing companies to create social media pages and advertisement placements on a modest budget. However, this also means that far greater amounts of information are received by consumers on a daily basis, drowning less eye-catching and engaging promos in the sea of other posts and updates. 

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This is where promotional videos enter the picture - it is proven that moving imagery on the feeds of social media draw far greater attention than simply photos and graphics. Once the attention of consumers is captured, promotional videos also have far greater potential in demonstrating the purpose, uses, characteristics, and features of products, services, and events that will lead consumers to further checking out details on your website or social media page.

When utilizing promotional videos in market campaigns, the returns on investment are generally far greater than the costs of producing them. People may respond to media that can relate to their daily lives and experience; or to media that can project trustworthiness and reliability - and promotional videos offer the space and flexibility to induce feelings of casualness and authenticity, or professionalism and confidence.



Whether you are after subtle videos softly promote your branding and products, perhaps in the format of short films and dramas; interviews, testimonials, and endorsements from stars and customers; or hard advertisements that explicitly state the advantages and features of your products and services - our team of professional directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, art directors, and editors put their creativity and experience to full use in creating the best video fit for your advertising purposes.

Beyond conventional advertisements, certain demographics such as young adults may appreciate for example witty or artistically oriented microfilms and dramas. These forms of videos have the potential to generate great discussion and response among the age group. We can produce the right videos for the right audiences and bring them closer to your brand and products.


We can work with any requirements in length, content, art style, pace, and atmosphere, and give professional direction and advice based on your ideas on how the video may best fit your marketing needs. We produce videos catered to local Hong Kong viewers, international audiences, or consumers and clients in another country.

Product Promotion Video

Fluxus Productions provides one-stop promotional video services in Hong Kong. Our team of professional directors, cinematographers, artists, editors, and animators handle all the three stages and components of video making: Pre-production, production, and post-production. From screenwriting and casting, to set building and shooting, and then to editing and animation, we ensure that your video is fully ready to be published to the public free of any technical and copyright concerns.

Want to use promotional videos in your campaigns? Don't hesitate to contact us immediately and let our video production experts tailor-made promotion videos to greatly boost your campaign.

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