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As a professional production company that offers product video and photo shooting services in Hong Kong, we have shot product photos and videos for established retail outlets, but also for online stores, kickstarter campaigns, app launches, Instagram shops, and product features on platforms like Amazon.

Our experienced production team utilizes the latest professional camera equipment and post-processing techniques to capture and enhance the best aspects of your products, allowing our clients to increase the competitiveness of their products through product videos and product photography in Hong Kong or internationally.

Whether you are planning to hire product shooting services for TV and online advertising star endorsements and key visuals to capture the attention of consumers, or showcasing your products in store pages and catalogues beyond first impressions, or product packages and wrappings, we use high-resolution cameras and 3D computer modeling technology to capture and enhance the design and unique selling points of your products.


In such a competitive retail market, especially online, quality photo and video product shooting is crucial to standing out when marketing and promoting your products. With increasing floods of information being available to the general public regarding all the different products, services, and promotions, the best way to stand out in a marketing campaign is to grab attention with stylish and professional photos and videos.

We ensure that our team understands all aspects of the product prior to a shoot, and prepare accordingly to highlight the best of your products. We collaborate closely with product designers, creative directors, and technical directors from our clients in order to seek out new and unconventional ways to present your products to your target audiences.

Combining creative and professional product shooting with marketing campaigns will certainly greatly boost its effectiveness, securing solid returns in your investments into advertising and marketing.


Product Videos in Hong Kong


Compared to overseas clients, companies in Hong Kong are less familiar with the concept of product videos and their place in marketing, but product videos are no less important - and can even be more important - than product photography.

Amongst the countless product advertisements we find on social media, billboards, newspapers, and television, it is proven that ones with moving imagery are those that attract the most attention from consumers. Even if it is a short product showcase, endorsement, or animation, it is bound to more readily engage with audiences compared to simply product photos and posters.

With the added dimension of time, videos have far greater potential in presenting your product compared to static images - from key visuals, short dramas and films, endorsements and testimonials, to product use demonstrations - we can cater to different audiences through a wide range of possible video ideas.


Product Shooting Hong Kong
One-stop Product Shooting Service

Fluxus Productions is your trusted product shooting company in Hong Kong. We aim to provide high-quality professional product shooting services to match your needs in advertising, marketing, and sales.  We handle all three stages of the pre-production, production, and post-production processes to bring you one-stop product photo and video shooting services so once we deliver the final images and videos, they are ready for publication without any additional processing required.

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