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Regardless of brand, background and budget, we value every single one of our clients and do our absolute best to accommodate their needs. As a result, many of our clients come back for more after our previous collaboration has brought them great success.



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As a professional production company in Hong Kong, we have worked with multinational corporations, SMEs, NGOs, charities, and educational institutes. Thanks to this broad range of knowledge and experience in multiple industries, we are familiar with the wants and needs of a broad range of clients.

Therefore, we can adapt our photo, video, and event production services to fit the requirements of every client. Services can be provided in the form of packages, a-la-carte, or tailor-made productions according to the customer's needs. We understand market trends and are familiar with different online marketing methods.


Fluxus Productions is a Hong Kong based photo, video and event production house that provides creative multimedia solutions. We use our strong connections with industry professionals and young creatives to incorporate the latest professional technology and workflows with innovative and youthful ideas to deliver the most professional and creative products for all audiences.

In the era of digital and online marketing, consumers receive massive amounts of information and news every day. To stand out from the crowd, you need professional photo and video production to support your promotional efforts. We are one of the leading photo and video production houses in Hong Kong with our own 3,000 sq. ft. video production studio that produces high-quality media in accordance with your budget to best compliment marketing campaigns of our clients.




We combine years of professional experience and industry connections with the creativity, energy, and resourcefulness of our young crew members to deliver down to earth content with the latest workflows and technology, therefore offering fair prices and great value with improved quality.

We do not hesitate to step boldly into new innovative territory and experiment with artistic expression in our projects if required to create the best content for our clients and the best experience for their audiences.

As a professional photo and video production company, we use our expansive experience in working with different industries to consider the production in the eyes of our clients for a successful project and collaboration. Being a Hong Kong based photo and video production house, we constantly appreciate and observe our surroundings to produce photos and videos unique to this special city that highlight its specialities and vitality in the photos and videos that we produce for our clients.

Our Strengths

We specialise in producing corporate videos, advertisement and commercial videos, event photo and video, product photos and videos, and live streaming. 
Our English, Cantonese, and Putonghua fluent crew ensures that language is not a barrier to successful collaborations. We have worked with both local and overseas clients from 5 different continents for multinational companies, festivals, consulates, and artists.
Many of our award-winning photo and video production team members are also artists, musicians, event organizers, and programmers, making us an unconventional photo and video production house in Hong Kong that combines our expertise to deliver the best products possible to our clients.
Equipped with a 3,000 sq. ft. photo and video production studio and workspace in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, we are able to cope with a wide range of photo and video shooting needs - talent castings, production meetings, studio set shootings, green screen background replacements, voiceover recordings, and more.

We're committed to ensuring that our photos, videos and events are produced with utmost dedication to satisfactory standards. We look forward to fruitful and happy collaborations with you to produce the finest media to further your needs.


We understand market trends and are familiar with different online marketing methods. We know that photo and video production has become ever more crucial to marketing campaigns and online sales.
Our company's photo and video production teams produce quality photos and videos for customers at reasonable prices, allowing you to reach more target customers on multiple social media.


Our work doesn't begin and end on the day of photo and video shooting, we offer photo and video production services in Hong Kong in all three stages pre-production, production, and post-production, so it is a worry-free process for our clients from start to end.

We carefully plan out all aspects of the process, ensuring that our clients are on the same page as our directors and producers, that the product will best suit the needs of our clients.

Our quick-witted crew members are prepared to deal with any contingencies that may arise during production and allow everything to be completed on time and within budget. Upon completion of production, we utilise Hollywood-standard software and processes to enhance and perfect the images that we have captured.


In the end, this culminates in visual media that will capture the attention of your audiences and engage them with your products and services, ensuring the effectiveness of your promotion campaigns and securing returns in your marketing investments.

Frequently Asked Questions for Video:

As a leading video production company in Hong Kong, we have extensive experience in dealing with all sorts of enquiries our clients may have. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that may help you formulate your video production project:


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